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Parker Ermeto Fitting

Ermeto Bite Type Fittings Introduction: The bite type fitting was designed by Ermeto in Germany in the early 1930’s. Ermeto-fittings soon became popular due to the simple assembly which basically just requires two wrenches. Today, the EO fitting is the most widely used bite-type fitting in the world. EO fittings are designed for metric tube. All threads, hexagons, bores and other dimensions are purely metric. Historically it is based on German national standards 2353, DIN 3861, DIN 3859 and DIN 2353, which today are represented in the international standards ISO 8434. EO fittings are recognised for the high pressure performance from a compact body. EO fittings are available in the three series for low, medium and high pressures (LL, L and S-Series). This allows cost savings and -space minimized solutions for each specific application.



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